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Nuri Kino

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Nuri Kino, the founder and leader of ADFA is a well known Swedish investigative journalist, author, film maker, and human rights advocate who has won numerous Swedish and international awards for his work, spanning decades.


Nuri Kino, a beacon of hope for many victims of atrocities, hails from Midyat, Turkey. Despite his parents' lack of formal education, he has authored numerous impactful works, spanning nonfiction, novels, and documentaries across the globe, spotlighting the Middle East, Europe, and Africa.


Passionately advocating for the human rights of Middle Eastern minorities, his endeavors have reshaped national laws, spurred international investigations, and led to reunions of war-displaced children with their parents.

In Sweden, his home, Kino engages fervently in media debates on corruption, crime, segregation, and social injustice. The inception of ADFA, a non-profit he founded, burgeoned from a social media post into a global force, supporting and raising awareness for persecuted Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac, Armenian, Yazidi, and other minorities in Iraq and Syria. His dedication extends beyond rhetoric, as ADFA, under his guidance, aids refugees with food, surgeries, housing, and social support.

His impact resonates internationally, evidenced by ADFA's relocation of Ukrainian refugees and dispatch of medical aid to Ukraine, showcasing a commitment that transcends borders.

In a world increasingly marked by adversity, Kino stands as a beacon, tirelessly advocating for those often forgotten or abandoned. The passion that fuels his work echoes across the world.

Global Bar Magazine crowned Nuri Kino as its most influential figure following his participation at The Aid Debate of 2023. Unafraid to challenge power structures, Nuri directs the organization he co-founded, A Demand for Action (ADFA), with a passion that sparks change.


His tireless efforts extend from supporting clinics in Lebanon to empowering refugees through projects like "Survival Jewelry". Kino's activism takes a global stance, addressing issues in Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Armenia and Turkey.

His words resonate with urgency, acknowledging the challenges faced by ADFA in an ever-evolving landscape where funds are scarce, yet the need for assistance surges.

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