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Nuri Kino

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Nuri Kino, the founder and leader of ADFA is a well known Swedish investigative journalist, author, film maker, and human rights advocate who has won numerous Swedish and international awards for his work, spanning decades.


Born in Midyat in Turabdin, Turkey, his life exemplifies the ultimate immigrant success story. Although his parents never had the opportunity go to school and learn to read and write in their native country, he has authored several nonfiction books, novels, and hundreds of stories and reports from the Middle East, Western and Eastern Europe as well as Africa over the past two decades. He has also produced and co-produced several well-received and award-winning documentaries.

A major focus of his work in recent years is the human rights of Middle Eastern minorities and the impact of faith-based persecution including genocide.


His work has been translated into several languages, published on three continents, and awarded both Swedish and European journalism honors. He was a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, Swedish Svenska Dagbladet, Newsweek and other such publications. He speaks several languages, and lectures all over the world about his work, which has led to the rewriting of national laws, international police investigations into corruption and crime, and the retrieval of children lost in war and natural disasters.

In his home country, Sweden, he is well known for his media debates on corruption, crime, segregation and social injustice.

Nuri Kino founded ADFA as a non-profit organization that seeks to support and raise awareness about persecuted Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac, Armenians, other Christians, Yazidi and other minorities in Iraq and Syria. From its origins in 2014 as a social media campaign to raise awareness of the ongoing genocide of Middle Eastern minorities, ADFA has been transformed into a global advocacy and refugee-support organization, and its operations have expanded to other countries.

From his home town of Södertälje, Sweden, Nuri Kino has led and guided the development of ADFA into a network of human rights experts and activists who serve as a global resource on persecuted minorities in the Middle East, frequently sought out by national and international lawmakers and media. It has influenced laws and policies of national governments and multinational organizations such as the UN and European Union.

ADFA also provides support and protection for IDP’s and refugees from Iraq, Syria and Armenia. A team of dedicated volunteers deliver more than100 tons food every year to refugees who had fled was and terror. The volunteers also help with surgeries, housing and social support. Nuri Kino himself is involved in every aspect of ADFA’s charity and advocacy work from speaking at international conferences to planning and organizing fundraising events and assisting with food distribution and other relief efforts.

One of his most recent initiatives, is the multi-lingual information campaign he launched to convey critical covid-19 messages to refugees and other marginalized groups who do not have an adequate grasp of the official language of their country of residence. It has garnered international media coverage, and was featured on the European Union’s migrant integration website as one of the "best practices".

The Swedish NGO, A Demand for Action ( ADFA) has relocated from March 2nd to June 2nd, 2022, more than 3000 Ukrainian refugees (mainly women and their children and disabled adults) and hundreds of pets to Sweden and also other countries. ADFA has also shipped more than 500 tons of medical equipment and food to Ukraine. It has helped to organize Polish NGOs operations for Ukrainian refugees.

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