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International Religious Forum Summit 2024.

Giving a voice to one persecuted group does not mean being silent about another. We are highly pleased with our participation in this year's IRF Summit, where we had the opportunity to shed light on persecuted Christians from Iraq and Syria. ADFA's Nuri Kino spoke at the same event as the Speaker of the United States Congress, Mike Johnson former Vice President Mike Pence, and many other American and international dignitaries.

Nuri's speech this year focused on how to effectively use social media to reach traditional mainstream media, mega-celebrities with large followings, and ultimately legislators to bring about legal change. In this context, where human rights organizations from around the world gather to make their voices heard, his speech was unique, noticed, and appreciated. We will soon share the video from the event. Nuri also addressed why religious persecution does not receive the attention it deserves in traditional media, highlighting the lack of knowledge about religions and their impact on editorial decisions.

Our short film on how ADFA started as a social media campaign and has now evolved into an established international human rights and aid organization gained quick traction among legislators and other conference participants.

Nuri Kino and Steve Oshana held numerous meetings with both American and international parliamentarians, foreign ministries, and various human rights organizations. Our report, "The Elephant In The Room", produced by Lebanese TV personality and human rights advocate Layal Nehme - ليال نعمة along with our proposals for aiding Christian refugees from Iraq and Syria, received positive feedback.

We believe in change and collaborations, having scheduled several future meetings with human rights organizations representing other persecuted religious groups and ethnicities, as well as aid organizations.

The leadership, organizers, and administration of the IRF Summit deserve utmost respect for bringing us all together. Nuri Kino was one of 82 speakers at the global conference. 


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