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A Demand for Action started up as a Sweden-based movement that advocates for the rights and brings hands-on relief to Assyrians/Chaldeans/Syriacs — genocide survivors and oppressed minorities of the Middle East. But we have grown to an international human rights, aid, and advocacy organization. Participating as first responders in Syria and Turkey during the 2023 Earthquake, as well as funding a free healthcare center in Beirut. 

A Demand for Action (ADFA) is an international non-profit advocacy and humanitarian aid organization based in Sweden. All our work— from lobbying in international fora to responding immediately to the needs of victims of war, natural disasters and other crises— is done entirely by volunteers.

ADFA began as a social media campaign during the summer of 2014 with the goal of alerting the world to the unfolding genocide of Assyrians/Chaldeans/Syriacs, Armenians, and Yazidis by ISIS extremists and other terrorist groups.

Since then, ADFA's mission has grown exponentially to encompass both advocacy and humanitarian relief efforts. It has gone beyond sending aid shipments to Iraq in 2014 to providing relief for victims of war and natural disasters in several other countries such as Armenia/Artsakh, Ukraine, Turkey and Syria.

ADFA has focused primarily on relief efforts in Lebanon and Syria, and continues to do so. But since the Ukrainian invasion by Russia, ADFA has facilitated the relocation of over 3,800 Ukrainians refugees to Sweden and sent hundreds of tons of food and medicine to the war zone.

Beyond ADFA's on-the-ground aid, its advocacy efforts are focused on international forums and raising awareness through traditional journalism, social media channels, and international conferences. The organization has successfully influenced relevant legislation in Washington, DC, Brussels, and the United Nations.

ADFA was one of the first organizations to respond to the needs of people impacted by the massive earthquake that shook Turkey and Syria in February 2023. It continues to provide aid to victims by purchasing and distributing tents, blankets, clothing, food, and hygiene articles.


Beginning in March 2023, ADFA has pledged to do its utmost to provide the poorest of families with the medical treatment they require by funding the Syriac League's free healthcare center, St. Ephrem, in Beirut.

In addition to its major projects, ADFA also assists refugees with rental and utility expenses, and raises funds for urgently needed medical interventions such as caesarean sections, and sight-saving eye surgeries.


ADFA adheres strictly to non-profit principles and always aims to minimize costs and maximize benefits to the needy. Our volunteers offer their services freely, and receive no salaries or other monetary rewards. Our administrative and other overhead costs are kept to the minimum.

ADFA's funding comes entirely from the generosity of private donors and businesses. Supporters can become monthly donors or donate whenever they wish. Every penny is welcome and can make a positive difference to the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in the world.

Updated: 03/08/2023

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