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A Demand For Action is a global initiative which advocates for the protection of Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac Christians and other minorities in the Middle East. We came together in June 2014 from a dozen countries to pool our energy and resources into a unified international effort. Since then, thanks to tireless work of our volunteers, we have contributed to global Genocide recognition and initiated far reaching legislative portfolios in Washington DC and the European Union.



On Wednesday 2 July 2014, shortly after Isis extremists invaded Mosul, a group of 12 activists led by journalist Nuri Kino wrote to parliamentarians and other officials all over the world, demanding that action be taken to protect the indigenous population of Iraq & Syria.

This campaign was unique in that we did not represent any political or religious organisations. We were and are acting as a free association of concerned individuals who had organized the campaign over social media. Following this effort, it was no longer possible for those with who possess political power to claim ignorance of the urgent crisis facing Assyrians / Chaldeans / Syriacs and other minorities, such as Yazidis, Mandeans, Shabaks, and Turkomen, all of whom have faced similar struggles in safeguarding their security and ensuring their continuing presence in the region. 

Our message to world leaders was that if they did not act to protect and support the minorities of Iraq and Syria, these unfortunate victims of Isis terror would be exterminated. And with the extermination of Assyrians / Chaldeans / Syriacs, the legacy of some of the oldest indigenous peoples on the planet will disappear. This tragedy will never be lifted from the conscience of the world. 

Following the domestic invasion of Iraq and the occupation of parts of Syria by terrorists, ethno-religious minorities had become (and to some extent still are) the victims of daily kidnappings, robberies, rapes and murders. Hundreds of thousands of Christians and Yazidis fled their homes amid forceful imposition of Islamic law and the looting of homes and churches. These events followed a broader pattern of terror unleashed against Iraqi minorities since the invasion. 

A similarly grim fate was being forced upon Christians and other minorities of Syria as large swathes of that country fell to Islamist militants. 

For the first time in history, there are more Assyrians/Chaldeans/Syriacs in the diaspora than in their ancient homelands of Iraq and Syria.


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