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Artsakh, also known as Nagorno-Karabakh, is an Armenian enclave in Azerbaijan. It has witnessed the displacement of its indigenous population - an ethno-religious cleansing. For just over nine months, the Azeri regime has imposed a blockade, depriving the enclave of essential supplies such as food, medicine, and fuel.

On the 19 September, as the desperate population queued for a piece of bread, they faced relentless bombings that continued for over a day. Today, over 100,000 indigenous Armenians have fled to Armenia leaving Artsakh empty. They have settled in different parts of Armenia, and many have no idea what the future holds. With our sister organization in Armenia TACF/TC-NGO, we have been able to help 1000 families with basic food and hygiene products. 

This is not the first time we work with this sister NGO. In fall of 2020, during the 44 day war between Azerbaijan and Armenia, ADFA successfully raised over SEK 350,000 (35,000 USD) and over 20 tonnes of clothes to aid those who were displaced.

Together, we reached over 40,000 people, providing essential assistance, including food, hygiene items, and winter clothing. This effort was made possible through the dedication of our volunteers and the support of our partner, the local aid organization Transparent Charity NGO.

We have also pledged to help secure food for the refugees taking shelter in Smart Armenia NGO's shelter in Artashat.

Luckily, the Armenian government, helped by local NGOs and everyday caring citizens, this shelter may soon no longer be necessary, as homeless refugees slowly find places to call home once more. 

To date, we have distributed 1000 boxes of food, each costing approximately SEK 300 (25 USD). These boxes are thoughtfully curated to sustain a family of five for ten days. We sincerely hope you can help us cover the cost of one or more of these vital boxes.

For international donations
SE9450000000 0535 4103 3576

Swish 123 545 7270
BG 327-2234
SEB 5354-1036605

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