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ADFA - A Facebook Post that Launched a Global Grassroots Movement.

The humanitarian and human rights organization A Demand For Action (ADFA) began as a social media campaign almost a decade ago.


In the summer of 2014, journalist Nuri Kino issued a call to action on Facebook, seeking help from the public to raise awareness of the atrocities committed by ISIS and other terrorist organizations against the indigenous populations of Iraq and Syria – Assyrians/Syriacs/Chaldeans, Armenians, and Yazidis. People from 19 countries responded instantly to his call, and became activists, raising their voices in unison to trigger action by the international community to protect the rights of those suffering for their faith and ethnicity.


The awareness-raising campaign gained instant traction and grew rapidly into a grassroots movement, receiving attention from international publications such as the New York Times Magazine, Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, Sky News, and Time.


Today ADFA is both an advocacy and humanitarian aid organization with offices in Lebanon and Sweden, representatives in Syria, Armenia, the US and Canada, and collaborative partners in Iraq, Poland, and Ukraine, and expanded its work to help those in need in Sweden on Christmas Eve 2023.


ADFA, a registered NGO in Sweden, is dedicated to aiding victims of wars, and influencing foreign policies globally. We've sent aid shipments with medical supplies, infant formula, and winter essentials to Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, and Armenia,  and also brought instant aid as First Responders to victims of earthquakes in Syria and Turkey in February 2023.


Composed entirely of unpaid volunteers driven by compassion, ADFA remains true to its original vision of service, keeping  administrative costs at a minimum while maximizing benefits to those in need.


ADFA's impact extends beyond national  borders, assisting those in need in many parts of the world from Ukraine to Sweden, Spain, and Ireland. In Lebanon, we pay for  emergency operations, ensuring life-saving medical care for those in need.


Praised by  world-renowned celebrities such as Cher, ADFA amplifies the voices of the unheard at international conferences, actively participating in the annual International Religious Freedom Summit in Washington DC, and has a demonstrable influence in shaping relevant legislation in several countries. 

Read ADFA's latest report here


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No flashy offices or employees. No salaries or bonuses.
With the help of your donations and the hard work of our volunteers, combined with our perseverance, we spend all donations on charitable work.
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