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Who we are and what we have achieved - a five minute video presentation from 2019, before starting to operate in Armenia and Ukraine. Still, a Must Watch!


ADFA hosts fundraisers that sell-out every year, co-sponsored by the Swedish music and arts elites. At every gala we have raised over $100,000 USD for children in need. Stay tuned for announcements for the next event. 


Besides taking care of the day to day needs of refugees, we continue to work hard at influencing national and international laws to provide better protection for Assyrians/Chaldeans/Syriacs and other Middle Eastern minorities. We follow the progress of genocide recognition resolutions and humanitarian aid budgets, as well as asylum and immigration laws of various countries and international organizations  (such as the UN) and make every effort to ensure that these work to protect and support these vulnerable minorities.

In front of the White House


Survivors trapped in Lebanon interviewed in a new short film, Limbo. Unique heartbreaking testimonies from the genocide on Christians in Syria & Iraq. Produced by award-winning journalists & film makers Nuri Kino and Elias Salameh. 

Watch the trailer of Limbo which also includes an interview made by the American news channel EWTN.

To watch the documentary, click here

The 20 minute-long ADFA film is now available for screenings.