We are very happy to announce that we are cooperating with the Lebanese NGO, Village for Peace and Love (VPL), in an effort to stop twenty-three children from becoming homeless.  


VPL started the safe haven/ orphanage after the #BeirutBlast, the explosion in the port on August 4th last year. A month ago, they were told by the authorities that they will not continue to fund it. The children are from various difficult backgrounds that had found shelter there,  or they would have been left homeless. 


Dr. Norma Souaid, the chair of VPL, called our local manager in Lebanon, Gebran Kally, and asked for help. We did not hesitate for a second. ADFA’s president, Nuri Kino, together with our local team in Beirut, conducted the necessary research, visited the shelter, met the children, the board, the employees, and the volunteers.


ADFA and VPL agreed to start a new shelter/orphanage called Safe Haven Lebanon - a sanctuary for children. In addition to the original 23, more children are expected to arrive.


The space where the children are currently living is far too small for the needs of so many and is in bad condition. We are now trying to find a better home for them. Meanwhile, we have bought four iPads and other such things for the children. 


The estimated cost of maintaining this home would be approximately $1,500 USD / month according to our current budget calculations. That would cover insurance for each child, rent, salaries, food, and medicine. 


Things are unfortunately getting worse every day in Lebanon--and with the current rate of inflation-- the above costs and other things related to Safe Haven Lebanon are subject to change. We are preparing a brochure with all the necessary information and a video to introduce the project and give you more details.  


Thank you, dear followers and donors. You are amazing. 


In just three days we have raised close to 300,000 SEK, approximately $35,000 US. The money will be used for our new safe house for abandoned children, and for food and medicine for others in need. 


The situation in Lebanon is dire. The lack of fuel leads to power outages which lead to chaos. We can start with Safe Haven Lebanon, our newly opened and funded orphanage. During the 22 hour blackout, we cannot have the fans running, we cannot store food in the refrigerator, we cannot cook on the stove and we have no running water which is also regulated by electricity. It is not possible to sleep at night when it is too hot. If an ambulance is needed, it may not have enough gas to go anywhere.  And we could not find even bread in the stores today. But in all these, we are very happy to be able to help children in need. 


Meanwhile we also keep distributing food and medicine to the needy. 

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