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ADFA currently is represented in 19 countries, all working towards the same goals and operating as independent units within their local political and cultural contexts.

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ADFA is an NPO (Non Profit Organisation) comprised of volunteers working as human rights advocates and activists. The primary aim of ADFA is to call for the protection of Assyrians/Chaldeans/Syriacs and other minorities in Iraq and Syria and the creation of a meaningful place for them in their countries.

In June 2014.

ADFA is primarily composed of Assyrians (including Chaldeans & Syriacs), but we advocate the protection of all of the minorities and the most vulnerable peoples of Iraq & Syria.

Nuri Kino, investigative journalist, researcher, author, film-maker and human rights advocate.

According to Article 2 of the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (1948), the targeted persecution – including rape, mass expulsions, the theft and destruction of property and civilizational heritage, abduction, and murder – of Assyrians, Yazidis, and other minorities in Iraq and Syria constitutes genocide against these peoples.