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Turning Compassion into Action
$100,000 Donated Through ADFA to Heal Hearts and Homes.
Thank You, Donors!

Turning Compassion into Action: $100,000 Donated Through ADFA to Heal Hearts and Homes.

Thank You!

The day after the unbelievably horrifying wedding fire in Iraq, where at least 120 people lost their lives and hundreds were wounded, we asked our donors and followers to contribute to the Shlama Foundation, which was among the first responders. Swedish donors also requested that we start a Swedish fundraising campaign. We raised $30,000 and have wired $20,000 of it to the Syriac Catholic Church in the city where the fire took place. Our dear friend, Father Adris Hanna, from the Syriac Catholic Church of Stockholm, traveled to his birth town Baghdeda (Qarakosh) both to monitor our aid and to report on the aftermath. His shocking and heartfelt testimonies are posted on our social media. 

Additionally, we have donated $10,000 to EFS, a Swedish partner that will collaborate with the Iraqi NGO Capni, with the funds being used for medicine.

We responded immediately to the ethnic cleansing of Armenians in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh). Our sister organization,  Transparent Armenian Charity Foundation (TACF), scoured wholesale businesses to purchase food, was given a space to work out of in Yerevan’s Marriott hotel, and raised over 10,000 dollars from Canada and around the world. We raised $20,000 and have used half of it to provide food for the displaced in both the border areas of Armenia and Azerbaijan, as well as cities surrounding Yerevan, the capital. The other $10,000 will be used to assist Artsakh Armenian refugees.

In Syria, ADFA has distributed $20,000 worth of food and water. Additionally, we have continued to fund the St. Ephrem Healthcare Center in Beirut, Lebanon. Furthermore, we remain committed to providing ongoing support for orphans in Turkey.

Iraq, Armenia, Syria, and Lebanon have all received aid in recent weeks and days, thanks to your generous donations. Whether it's $2 from some of our loyal donors who don’t always have the means to contribute, to the persons who contribute hundreds of dollars. We are grateful for every penny.

At the same time, we mourn for every single one who lost his/her life, whether in Iraq or Armenia, for those who lost their loved ones and who lost their motherland.

None of these efforts would be possible without the cooperation of our partner and sister NGOs and partners, but most of all, it's thanks to your contributions, dear beloved donors.

Last but not least, a heartfelt shout-out to our volunteers, no matter where you operate. We truly appreciate your dedication.

17 October, 2023
Photos in Armenia by: Sulamita Abyan, Shant Khatcherian and Karni Karasarkissian


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With the help of your donations and the hard work of our volunteers, combined with our perseverance, we spend all donations on charitable work.
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