“We know a thing or two Mr Abbott!” Diana Yaqco, Media Relations ADFA Australia about a growing terrorist threat in her country

It is purported, the Islamic State strikes in Sydney yet again, this time much closer to home. Two men in their mid-twenties were arrested in the suburb of Fairfield, Sydney late yesterday on terror charges. If you are not from Australia, then allow me to explain, Fairfield is home to a very large Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac community.

The men were in possession of a pre-recorded video depicting their plan of attack, while sporting a homemade Islamic State flag, large machete knives and guns. Police believe the knives would have been their preferred method of killing.

This goes to show that the message being spread by IS militants overseas is resonating with radical Muslims in Australia. This is the second time the police have managed to halt the plan on time, with another incident prevented last year where an execution style beheading was set to occur in Martin Place. Martin Place is where the Sydney siege had occurred December 2014.

A Demand For Action (ADFA) members, in Sydney have received phone calls to be assured and to receive more details about this recent news. It is not hard to believe that people would be feeling anxious and alarmed as again the terror and horror of what many have faced back in Iraq, is chasing them again on Australian soil.

The question remains, what happens when the terror plot is not stopped on time? What happens in the event there is a terrorist attack? There is a feeling that it has been a long time coming for Australia to face an attack by the Islamic State. What is the end solution to destroy Islamic State if not from the point of origin?

In Iraq, the Christian militias keep shouting” Arm us, train us, and let us fight for our people and lands so that you do not face their wrath in your countries too”. So will they listen now? Are we ready to face a terrorist attack? Recent inquiries into the Sydney siege suggest that we were not very well equipped to deal with such an attack. That was only one man with one gun. How will a group of 3 or 4 men be dealt with? Regretfully, the entire nation will be at a standstill. Tony Abbott and allies need to take this a little more seriously and start treating the minorities as their allies rather than a bunch of people that know nothing, especially when it is happening in their homelands. We know a thing or two Mr Abbott!

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