Raising Awareness through Film

Our Last Stand


Our Last Stand, the documentary film that was produced by filmmakerJordan Allott and ADFA’s Helma Adde has gained attention and good reviews from several media outlets. Yesterday Allott and Adde were interviewed by PBS’s The Mimi Geerges Show.

What’s happening in Iraq and Syria? The faith of the minorities? Genocide?

Many good questions were asked by the host Geerges’. This interview is not “just” about film, it is about current affairs, about a people that is about to get chased out of their homeland because of their faith and ethnicity.

Allott and Adde are traveling the world to raise awareness about he ongoing genocide against Assyrians/Chaldeans/Syriacs and other indigenous people.


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Silence After The Storm


The film is a fascinating documentary about the existential threat to the Assyrians/Chaldeans/Syriacs in the Middle East by ISIS.

This is thrilling news since it is the first Assyrian film to ever get on Amazon Prime, which is one of the world’s most competitive online video-streaming platform.

The film follows the Los Angeles-based filmmaker Sargon Saadi on his journey back to his homeland, Syria, exploring the impact of the genocide through the eyes of extraordinary characters. It features a local artist from Syria Fadi Khiyo, an Assyrian activist from Iraq Savina Dawood, and a socio-cultural historian Nicholas Al-Jeloo. The film was shot in Iraq, Turkey, and Syria.

Watch now: goo.gl/WmkTAK
The film is proudly co-sponsored by ADFA and directed by the award-winning filmmaker Sargon Saadi.

Silence After The Storm won “Best Director” award at the Fine Arts Film Festival in Venice CA and was nominated for “Best Short Documentary” at the International Film Fest in Madrid, Spain.

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Inshallah – Blood of the Martyrs


“Insha Allah. Blood of the Martyrs” is a portrait of the Islamic State seen through the eyes of its victims and those who fight against it. We can see the Islamic State’s cruelty through the eyes of people living in Mosul, Nineveh Valley and Raqqa, which is now the informal capital city of ISIS. Sources of significant information are generals of Peshmerga and the Free Syrian Army, along with journalists and analysts specialized on the subject of the Middle East and terrorism, such as Nuri Kino, a Swedish journalist coming from Asyria, or Michael Weiss, an American journalist, the co-author of the bestselling book: “ISIS – Inside the Army of Terror”.

“During nearly six months of production, the filmmakers crossed Iraqi Kurdistan and the Syria-Turkey border to get to the Christians of Iraq, Kurds, Yazidis, Peshmerga soldiers, the YPG and the Free Syrian Army, trying to describe the structure and the phenomenon of the Islamic State and ask the question about the aim of its existence. This documentary feature film is not only trying to describe how ISIS functions but is also shedding light on the history of its development, starting all the way from Al Zarqawi and the Iraqi Al-Qaida, the American invasion of Iraq in 2003 and dissolving Saddam Hussein’s army, many members of which joined ISIS later on and used the chaos of the Syrian civil war to create the most dangerous terrorist organization on earth.”

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