Maryam’s Story: Helping a mother & her son get to Sweden

Save Our Souls volunteer team

Activists of Save Our Souls (ADFA Germany) have travelled to Athens at their own expense between the 12th and 18th of October 2015 to help provide refugees in need with urgent humanitarian aid.

This is their story:

After the Fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003, a lot of Iraqi refugees have found safety in Greece. However, due to the Greek financial crisis, a lot of them have been led into another tragedy. We are told that the job search is even harder than that of Greek citizens as many have run out of their savings and are struggling to pay their rent and buy food.

Our Team went to local supermarkets and filled shopping carts with food and sanitary products and went to visit those families in need.

What struck us the most was the cry for help of a young mother. Maryam and her little son call a landfill site their current home. She leads us down a dark alley past lots of junk and rubbish. When we reach a fence, two dogs start barking angrily, stopping us from going further. The dogs actually belong to Maryam and she tells us that they guard her from male refugees that also live at this landfill site.

Maryam’s home, which she shares with her young boy, is made up of less than 2 rooms

Ever since her husband left her and their son behind, she has kept their heads above water by doing cleaning jobs. In the current crisis she lost most of them and the two merely survive with €20 she receives for a cleaning job every other week.

Whenever she asks for work instead she’s being offered money for sexual services, which she says she has always been declining. But she also seems very desperate and clueless about what the future holds. She tells us that that her parents are refugees as well and that they have made it to Sweden recently. She dreams about reuniting with them there.

We couldn’t leave Maryam to her fate and we are still in contact with her today. Our team has been able to locate her parents. We are trying to fulfill her wish by getting her to Sweden to reunite with her family.  The process to bring them to Sweden isn’t as easy, so we ask for your help to make it possible.

Please consider helping us to help Maryam and her little son by donating to our account quoting”2nd chance“.
All funds raised will help in the application process and settlement in Sweden.
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