Diana Yaqco, Media Relations ADFA Australia, interviews artist, activist and human rights advocate Ramos Jacob

I have known Ramos for a few months now through A Demand for Action and I have come to learn he is a very selfless and motivated young man. Ramos Jakob, which some of you may recognize as Ramos D-Artist, is a singer and songwriter who creates a style of mashed up genres classifying it as “anything goes”. He has been present on the music scene for almost four years now. Some of his achievements include a collaboration, in 2012, with Australia’s Got Talent grand finalist, Genesis the beat-boxer, on a track titled ‘Funky Lady’ which helped him make his mark on the Independent Australian music scene. ‘Funky Lady’ also received a nomination for urban song at the Music Oz Awards in 2013.

Most recently, in 2014, Ramos Jakob released a track and video for a single titled ‘I Thought I Told Ya’ , which received a distribution deal with the Australian A&R Department. The song was played over community radio stations, on Rage TV, featured in MX newspapers, and is currently being played on Tuff TV to over 38 million households in the United States. He has also represented Australia where he was a semifinalists in the Sony FIFA World Cup super song competition. His song was selected out of thousands of entries from around the world in the Top 20. In 2014, Ramos released another single titled ‘Rock Your Soul’ , which featured X Factor’s Bec Quin and won The Australian music video award for urban music video of the year. It is safe to say that we have a superstar on the rise!

Ramos’s family migrated to Australia some 29 years ago and he was born in the South West suburbs of Sydney, Australia. I spoke to Ramos about his new single Under Fire, which has generated much conversation and praise in the local community. He is seen as the musical voice for the future generation. His single not only highlights the devastation of loss of land and destruction of important artifacts that ties us to our roots, but most importantly, highlights the mass exodus which faces the Assyrians (also called Chaldeans and Syriacs) in Iraq at this present time.

When asked about his motivation to record this song, he explains that there are tens of thousands of children displaced in refugee camps. He further goes to say that they deserve equal human rights, because they are once again becoming forgotten. This song is about demanding justice for human rights. Terrorism has once again shown it is prepared to deliberately stop at nothing to rise to its goals. It is vital to unite forces of the entire world against terrorism. This song calls upon people from all around the world from all races, religions and origins to unite and stand up against terrorism.

What do you hope to achieve from this release?
I hope that people buy the single because 100% of the proceeds will go to ACERO.
ACERO (Assyrian Church of the East Relief Org) is a charitable aid and relief organization supporting Assyrians & other Christian refugees whom have been displaced as a result of the Islamic State crises. I hope the message behind the song and video spreads across the world. I hope humanity unites and stands against the injustice happening around the world. Even if unity of faith is not possible, I hope that a unity of love can be achieved. As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others. I hope this song can inspire others to do the same.

Are you hopeful that there will be a better and safer Iraq for the Assyrian people soon?
I know there will be, read Matthew 12:41 “The men of Nineveh will rise up at the judgment with this generation and condemn it, for they repented at the preaching of Jonah, and behold something greater than Jonah is here”. Our Assyrian military groups are growing in numbers.

What words of encouragement do you have for the younger generation born here in Australia?

Not to let go of our heritage, appreciate life and what our families have gone through to give us a better life. Most importantly try and make yourself familiar with our native tongue because it is our language that sustains our identity.

What has the experience been like working with A Demand for Action?
Inspirational, I see the team’s efforts and actions and it inspires me to work more. The support from the team has been such a blessing. The beauty about the Demand for Action team is that the members are from all over the world but united as they fight and work together for the same cause.

Why attracted you to choose ACERO is charity of choice?
I’ve been working with The Assyrian Aid Society for a couple of years and still am, but just felt that I wanted to work with other aid and relief organizations as well. I’ve been invited to many of ACERO’s events and was just amazed with the amount of effort and contribution they too were making for refugees and displaced people in Iraq truly inspirational.

To the people of Iraq that will hear you single, what words do you have for them?
We are with you, with one voice we will work together and we will not stop until we find a solution for you “

What’s the next career move for you? Can we expect an album anytime soon?
Maybe an EP which is a compilation of songs. I’ve been writing more songs with positive messages in them. I have also been in talks with a director for a possible role in an Australian feature film but this is still in early stages of discussion. God’s definitely going to keep me busy this year.

Here at A Demand for Action, we wish Ramos all the best in his future endeavors, and pray and hope that he continues to be a beautiful voice for his nation. We also call onto everyone out there who has a voice, not just an artistic voice, but anyone with a voice to speak and demand action from your local governments. The International community has unspeakably failed its duty to provide care and safety to these people, it’s up to us to continue to press and enforce such changes.

You can purchase the song today on iTunes, Google Play or SMS ACERO to +61 477 333 222.
For more information about ACERO, visit www.theacero.org

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