Diana Yaqco, Media Relations ADFA Australia “Hack and you are a button away from secret documents and can declare war”

While reading the news that the “Cybercalaphite” also known as Islamic State (IS) hacked US Central Command’s Twitter account and YouTube page, I began to wonder what this could mean for the terrorist group. They might be a click away from discovering top secret documents and codes, locations and even nuclear weapons, weapons of mass destruction that the United States invaded Iraq for and possibly the reason for this whole debacle. They may not have hacked into the pentagon or penetrated white house fire walls, but is it only a matter of time now? They have shown no fear to attack the United States and it’s pretty evident that there are self-confessed IS enthusiasts in the United States.

If they do not fear the consequences of playing online war games with arguably the largest military presence in the world, with China not too far behind…what do they fear? This should make us think a little harder and pray a little longer that we can come up with a solution fast. They make it seem like they have the upper hand even if they don’t.

In the last few months my home country Australia has been subjected to increasing terror alerts and incidents that are very questionable as to how our government has handled this plague. The Sydney siege which occurred on 15 December 2014 illustrated the dangers involved at the lack of laws and the many loopholes which allow for people like Man Haron Monis to be free in our society. Monis was an Iranian born man who sought asylum to Australia in 1996 and was granted in 2001. He was no stranger to the federal and local police as he was charged as an accessory to the murder of his ex-wife. At the time of his death he had recently converted from Shia Islam to Sunni Islam, and pledged his loyalty to IS.

Australia has become too soft on the war on terrorism, just this week a man walked free from terror charges amidst all this tension in my home city of Melbourne. Khodr Moustafa Taha allegedly made threats via twitter to Victorian police officers telling them he will hurt them. Police raided his home and allegedly discovered ammunition and three swords. Mr. Taha who is Australian born of Lebanese heritage, was also accused¬ of running several additional Twitter accounts¬ posting material backing IS. How did this man go free when there is clear evidence of him supporting IS and Al Qaeda. Does he need to hold a siege of his own? Will we take him seriously then? What is Tony Abbot afraid of exactly? Be a leader, act like one, be tough and take a stand against the IS death cult as he labels them.

I did not migrate miles away to be faced with the same issues and same people. Growing up I was always told to be alert and careful going to school and playing outside my house. I knew there was bad people but I now understand the fear that our parents felt. We could never trust the people surrounding us as long as we wore the cross, you were a target. People left for America, Australia and Europe to be safe and free from oppression. Fear and terrorism has followed us here now too, it is ironic.
The Islamic State simply does not belong in Australia, it is time people stop playing victims and actually do something to help. We no longer accept excuses of freedom of speech, democracy and equality, not when it comes to terrorists running in our backyard playing with bombs for breakfast and making sand castles with missiles and hang a little Islamic State flag on top as a souvenir. Other countries have gone a step further, like Germany for instance who has banned the flag.

It is for this reason, the movement to tackle terrorism and Islamic State in particular is essential to our cause and our plight. This is why the need for our own troops in the homeland is so vital for our preservation of life and historical culture. It is why the need for the recognition of a Safe Haven is strategic and our only option. All these factors will contribute to making the homeland a better place for our people, the indigenous righteous people of Iraq.

It does not matter if you call yourself Assyrian, Chaldean or Syriac. At the end, we speak the same common language of God the father, we are all one united under the same flag of martyrdom – and we are the same nation. We should not grow weary or keep fighting amongst each other. It is not important who is doing the better work, who is raising more money, who has more politicians as friends. This is a time to work selflessly and only work to better the lives of the internally displaced people in northern Iraq and that should be our only goal, because while we live in the West comfortably, they do not.

Wake up, before it is completely out of our hand. The world has given us a small stage to stand on, let’s build on it and make it wide enough for all of us to stand together and be one voice. Our work will never be over, this a continuous effort. No victory is enough, we will always fight for our rights. We’ve only just begun!

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